Tongue Warts

As many people suffer from skin problems like tongue warts, we believe that they should know the actual causes to detect early and get proper medication. Our aim is to ensure in Tongue warts

the smallest way; you live a healthy life.

Tongue warts have their different stories of weird treatment and mythical causes. Warts are simple occurrences that may occur anywhere in genitals, mouth or tongue taking a typical calloused appearance. But wherever they are, warts (also known as VerrucaVulgaris) should be treated immediately.

Now, here we tell you what tongue warts are

One of the strongest muscles of our body, the tongue has a velvety surface with tiny bumps at the lining. These bumps are normal and occur due to papillae. However, sometimes abnormal growths are seen that are described as blisters, lesion or warts on tongue. These can occur anywhere on or even below it.

Tongue warts

  • Texture & Shape

These oral warts have a rough texture and are whitish in color. The shape can be like a dome, pointed or flat topped. Warts may grow thicker and longer resembling fronds.

  • Problem

Although they are harmless, yet problem will arise while eating food. They can gradually become sore on the movement of tongue, accidental biting, or even when your drink beverages. It will simply affect normal processes of eating without causing harmful effects on the body. We have hpv tongue warts pictures that you can check to identify if you are having the same. That would ease your understanding.Further, these warts can lead to mouth cancer.

Our mouth is the home to some skin cells that come under attack by warts. It is harmless but if not treated, may lower your confidence causing strain. They can also infect others. Warts can be individual growths or may form in groups.

Experts with us have found out the causes

These warts are caused by HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) that is an incurable disease agent. It is found in the form of a double-stranded DNA virus, capable of spreading diseases. Tongue warts hpv is however treated and curable.

Tongue warts causes

Keep aside all myths regarding the reasons of these warts. We give you the scientific explanation:

  1. Warts mainly occur to those with a low immune system as HIV-infected
  2. Engaging in oral sex with a person carrying genital warts can transmit the disease to the other partner.
  3. Kissing is another common cause. If a person has anoral wart, the blister is not directly going to transfer. But HPV will affect the uninfected person as well.
  4. Warts can also occur from genital contact.
  5. Poor Hygiene is another cause of warts.
  6. On using same towel, razor or other personal items of the infected person, the virus may get transferred. But this happens to them having low immune system.

The virus remains in the body for life long once a person gets infected. One should be extra cautious about these irregularities because tongue warts are one of the causes of mouth cancers.

Want to learn preventive measures? Read on with us

As warts can infect another person, you should always take preventive measures to avoid its spread. Take the matter seriously and undergo tongue warts treatment as soon as possible. Some prevention we suggest:

  • Maintain proper hygiene

Wartsare not only transmitted by physical contact with another person, but also can spread to other parts of your body. If you touch the wart and then touch another body part, new warts may develop there in next few days. In such case, be sure to wash your hands properly before touching other areas.

tongue warts treatment Maintain proper hygiene

  • Build a strong immune system

People with a low immune system get specifically targeted by Human Papilloma Virus. Hence, the best way to prevent them is by boosting the immune system. Some may have these developments when they feel sick or weak. You can have vitamin C, turmeric, astragalus, zinc, etc. These immune boosters are very effective in increasing your capability to fight diseases.

  • Protection during sex

While engaging in oral sex, make sure always to use condoms. That would prevent any sort of contact with wart and stop spreading HPV. However, this is not a complete guarantee as there are high chances to get infected. Our experts always recommended avoiding having sex with the affected person.

tongue warts cure 1

We have followed current research workand found this –Study says that both men and women can equally get affected, but those at a high risk are the young adults, aged 12 to 16. There are also medications to tongue warts cure.

Relax!We give you the remedies for warts too

These growths are seriously irritating, and they should be treated at the earliest to prevent spreading of the virus. There are certain home remedies that can help you get rid of these irksome developments.

  • Pineapple

If you apply fresh pineapple on the wart, the natural enzymes will kill the virus. You have to do it several times a day.

  • Tea tree oil

This is a highly effective antibacterial oil, capable of killing powerful germs. Dermatologists often recommend it for treating other skin problems. You have to apply directly to oral warts under tongue or above, wherever they are. Next, cover it with a bandage. Continue the process until it is gone completely.

  • Garlic

This kitchen member has antiviral property to treat warts. The process is simple. Mix the mashed garlic with water and apply the paste on the blister. Make sure to cover it with cotton or bandage. Reapply till it’s gone forever.

tongue warts cure

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has always been considered as a very useful herbal treatment for skin problems. It will efficiently comfort the affected person from continuous irritation and fasten the healing process. Use a sterile cotton ball to apply to the tongue warts.

  • Raw potatoes

Raw potatoes can indeed cure your tongue wart. Simply cut the vegetable and rub it directly on the area. To get good results, you need to continue the process for two weeks.

Medically, these formations are usually treated with gels or creams by applying on them. But when they are oral warts, doctors go for injections, surgical removal, laser treatments or cryotherapy.

Tongue warts might not seem harmful, but they can affect others on physical contact. Hope our information has benefited you. It’s our responsibility towards the society. Come! Let us all together create a healthy earth to live in.